Why Grow with HyGroCage

Hydroponics is the fastest method of horticulture known to man. Aeroponics is the fastest type of hydroponics. True aeroponics is not feasible for commercial use because the roots do not have a medium that will help support the weight of the plant.

The second fastest growth rate is achieved through Ebb & Flow, otherwise known as Flood & Drain. The amount of fresh air to the roots is the limiting factor in all other types of horticulture. Aeroponics supply of air is constant, thus the fastest rate of growth. True Ebb & Flow's air supply to the roots can be as constant as needed. Thus the second fastest rate of growth. By flipping a switch on a HyGroCage, you remove all of the old air within the roots and replace it with fresh air on demand.

By specifically designing a hood to work in conjunction with the Gualala Robotics Lightrail 3.5 and one axle fan, we have removed the heat factor from H.I.D. lamps.  Simultaneously tripling the PAR.  By moving the light source, every leaf on the plant gets direct (as opposed to ambient) light.  Plants grown in a HyGroCage tend to have a lower, bushier profile because they no longer need to stretch toward the light source.

The HyGroCage system uses modified flood pots filled with a rockwool medium.  Rockwool is a basalt rock product heated to 1600 degrees centigrade, a process which renders the medium chemically and biologically inert.  Perfect for hydroponics.

Our unique stadium-bench flood pot platforms give maximum access to individual plants with minimum disturbance to its neighbors.  Each light, coupled with an epoxy-lined, light-tight reservoir and stadium-benches, provides ten plants with the perfect growing environment.  As plants become larger, the light source is moved higher and the stadium-benches are repositioned outwards.  This arrangement ensures that every plant is provided with the maximum PAR level and no crowding.

Since the PAR has been tripled and the plants now have unlimited air to their roots, the next step is to increase the nutrients.  Plants in a HyGroCage are running around 2000ppm when finishing full flowering.  Two weeks prior to harvest, the ppm is lowered to flush the medium.  

Utilizing a commercial-scale HyGroCage system, BUDS Pasco submitted over 200 individual harvests for i502 testing and product compliance without a single failure. Analytical 360, a Washington State authorized i502 testing facility, stated product from BUDS Pasco was “The Cleanest” they had seen.

Growers who are looking for a steady, year round, crop production should choose hydroponics.  Hydroponic growers who value consistent yield and quality choose a Botany Unlimited HyGroCage, Removed Reservoir, Ebb & Flow  System.  The HyGroCage’s modular design is scaleable from a single-light cage home unit to multiple ten-light rack commercial units.  

With the development of the HyGroCage system, Botany Unlimited has perfected hydroponics.

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