EXPERIENCE, When Experience Counts

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Botany Unlimited Provides Experience.  

45 Years of Experience.  

As one of the first Tier 2 Producer/Processers ever licensed, we understand the commercial cannabis industry from start-up through end-user.   We know the challenges you are facing.  Challenges that are costing you time and money.  Challenges that we've already faced.  Challenges that we've overcome with our proven Perpetual Harvest Business Model.  

The HyGroCage, from Botany Unlimited Design Systems, is the world's first patented stand-alone hydroponic system.  This all-inclusive system has a scalable modular design to fit your specific space requirements.  The HyGroCage's heat disapating hood design allows 1000 watt HID lights to be placed directly in the plant canopy without heat damage.  From single-light home units to multiple ten-light commercial racks, we have a HyGroCage to meet your needs.  

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