Our Grow Store Features Our Systems In Action. 

Simply put, when you visit our store you don’t just see pictures or items on a shelf,  you see working systems. 

Lights running, fans blowing, PLANTS GROWING.  

We only sell what we use.  You won’t find 10 different fertilizers on our shelves.  You’ll only see one.  The one we use with our systems.  We sell what we know.  We sell what works. 

To ensure you receive a quality product, we have partnered with leading United States manufacturers, including Gualala Robotics, NSR (Natural Science Research), and BioTek Marine.

Located adjacent to our factory at 2505 North Commercial Avenue, Pasco, Washington, visitors can receive a personalized tour through our Grow Show Room and Factory. 

botany unlimited factory grow store showroom 

 botany unlimited pasco washington showroom

botany unlimited showroom



The Banking Industry gave us a choice.  We could choose to take credit cards on our website
OR We Could Continue To Proudly Display Photos of Cannabis.  


We are still able to process your purchases over the phone or in person at our Grow Store. 

Call 509.380.6605 for Store Hours or more information.


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